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Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo
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More About Buffalos ...
A buffalo is one of several species of bovine. It includes the Asian genus Bubalus, among which are the water buffalo, the anoa and the tamaraw, and the African genus Syncerus, most famous member of which is the Cape buffalo.

The word buffalo is also often used to denote the American bison.

Buffalo is also the name of some places in the United States of America:

Buffalo, Iowa
Buffalo, Kentucky
Buffalo, Minnesota
Buffalo, New York - the best known Buffalo in the USA
Buffalo, Texas
Buffalo, Wisconsin
Buffalo, Wyoming
Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania
There is also Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
Source: Wikipedia Read more about Buffalos
Missouri Bison Association
Missouri Bison Association
The Missouri Bison Association is a membership organization dedicated to the preservation, expansion, and promotion of the American Bison. Read More
Montana State University
Articles on Diseases, ecology, nutrition and culture Read More
American Bison
"The American Bison is the largest mammal on the North American continent. A slightly larger subspecies known as wood buffalo inhabited eastern woodlands and portions of Canada's subarctic". Range, behavior, Reproduction and Young, Diet, Life Span and some interesting Facts Read More
Cape Buffalo
Kenya Beasts
Pictures of Cape Buffalo Read More
SafariCamLive.com - African Wildlife to the World
Buffalo Read More
American Bison
Oakland zoo
"Bison came to North America during the Pleistocene Epoch via the Bering land bridge". Detailed Information about range, social structure, special adaptations etc. Read More
African cape buffalo
"large, dark brown to black hoofed mammal, with drooping fringed ears and large curved horns". Read More
Wild Water Buffalo
"It is found in wet grasslands (especially elephant grass) and marshes, near pools and wallows, and near (and in) large rivers". Information includes distribution , threats etc Read More
SafariCamLive.com - African Wildlife to the World
Information includes distribution, habitat, diet, breeding, predators, etc.  Read More
African Wildlife Foundation
Detailed fact sheet Read More
Asiatic Water Buffalo
Sedgwick County Zoo
Asiatic Water Buffalo fact sheet. "Greenish-white water buffalo butter is an important food in the Asian tropics". Read More
Cape Buffalo
Animals Of The Rainforest
Brief description, taxonomic information, pictures, and links Read More
Buffalo Field Campaign
Buffalo Field Campaign
working to combat the indiscriminate slaughter of the Yellowstone buffalo herd. Read More
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