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More About Beetles ...
Beetles (order Coleoptera) are one of the main groups of insects. The order has more species in it than any other order in the entire animal kingdom. 40% of all animal species are beetles (about 350,000 species), and new species are regularly discovered.

The forewings of beetles are transformed into hard shells, called elytra. These elytra form an armour protecting the abdomen and the sensitive hindwings. The forewings are not used (at least not actively flapped) in flying, but they must (in most species) be raised in order to move the hindwings. After landing the hindwings are folded below the elytra. Most beetles can fly, but few reach the dexterity of some other groups, e.g. flies, and many species only fly if absolutely necessary. Some beetles have elytra that have grown together and cannot fly at all; a few have lost their wings altogether.

Some beetle larvae (young) are leaf miners.

Beetles can be found in almost all biotopes, but are not known to occur in the sea or in the polar regions.

Beetles are endopterygotes with complete metamorphosis. The larva of a beetle is called a grub.
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: coleoptera
Source: Wikipedia Read more about Beetles
PICTURES (Click to enlarge)
Beetles picture Green Scarab Beetle picture Long-Horned Beetle picture
Beetles Green Scarab Beetle Long-Horned Beetle
Horned Beetle picture Beetle picture Yellow Red And Black Beetle picture
Horned Beetle Beetle Yellow Red And Black Beetle
Fungus Beetle picture Tropical Rose Chafer picture Stag Beetle picture
Fungus Beetle Tropical Rose Chafer Stag Beetle
Tropical Rose Chafer picture Concave Tenebrionid Beetle picture Flower Beetle picture
Tropical Rose Chafer Concave Tenebrionid Beetle Flower Beetle
Beetle picture Prionus Beetle picture Asian Longhorn Beetle picture
Beetle Prionus Beetle Asian Longhorn Beetle
Ground Beetle picture Blister Beetle picture Darkling Beetle picture
Ground Beetle Blister Beetle Darkling Beetle
Colorado Potato Beetle picture Cerambycid Beetle picture Stink Bug picture
Colorado Potato Beetle Cerambycid Beetle Stink Bug
Beetle picture Beetle picture Oedemera Beetle picture
Beetle Beetle Oedemera Beetle
Stinkbug picture Aquatic bug  picture Tiger Beetle picture
Stinkbug Aquatic bug Tiger Beetle
Stinkbug picture Colorado Potato Beetle picture Colorado Potato Beetle picture
Stinkbug Colorado Potato Beetle Colorado Potato Beetle
Common Soldier Beetle picture Beetle picture Beetle picture
Common Soldier Beetle Beetle Beetle
Oedemera Beetle picture Common Soldier Beetle picture Oedemera Beetle picture
Oedemera Beetle Common Soldier Beetle Oedemera Beetle
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