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  Viper and Cobra Sounds

There is 1 audio clip match for 'Viper and Cobra'.
Usambara Mountain viper
Usambara Mountain viper, Africa
Usambara Mountain viper
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More About Vipers and Cobras ...
Vipers are venomous snakes belonging to the Viperidae family (consisting of roughly 150 species). They are characterised by long erectile fangs, which are folded back when not in use. They also have triangle-shaped heads with a distinctly narrower neck. The broad areas of the head house the venom glands

Cobras are venomous snakes of family Elapidae, of several genera. They generally inhabit tropical and desert regions of Asia and Africa. Cobras kill their prey, usually small rodents and birds, by injecting a neurotoxin through their hollow fangs. The spitting cobra can also incapacitate larger would-be predators by delivering irritating venom to their eyes.

The cobra's most recognizable feature is its hood, a flap of skin and muscle behind the head which it can flare, perhaps making it appear bigger and more threatening to predators.
Source: Wikipedia Read more about Vipers and Cobras
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Cobra Hiss
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