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  Centipede Pictures

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Gigantea Centipede
Gigantea Centipede
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More About Centipedes ...
Centipedes (Class Chilopoda) are fast-moving, venomous, predatory terrestrial arthropods that have long bodies and many jointed legs. Chiefly nocturnal, centipedes are found primarily in tropical climates. Like the closely-related millipedes, they are highly segmented (15 to 173 segments), with one pair of walking legs per segment. Centipedes are dorso-ventrally flattened, and are among the fastest and most agile of arthropod predators.

The head of a centipede has a pair of antennae and jaw-like mandibles and other mouthparts that evolved from modified appendages. The most anterior trunk segment of a centipede has a pair of poison claws (called maxillipeds) that are used for both defense and for capturing and paralyzing prey.

The familiar house centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata) is a fast-moving carnivore that feeds on insects such as cockroaches and other small invertebrates.
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Gigantea Centipede picture Giant Desert Centipede picture Centipede picture
Gigantea Centipede Giant Desert Centipede Centipede
Pill Millipede picture Centipede picture Centipede picture
Pill Millipede Centipede Centipede
Centipede picture Centipede picture Centipede picture
Centipede Centipede Centipede
Pill Millipede picture Centipede picture Rainforest Millipede picture
Pill Millipede Centipede Rainforest Millipede
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