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Snow Leopard
Beside a river
Snow Leopard
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More About Snow Leopards ...
"The Snow Leopard or Ounce (Uncia uncia) is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of central Asia. Until recently many taxonomists included the Snow Leopard in the genus Panthera with several of the other largest felid".

Snow Leopards have gray-and-white fur and striped tails. They are opportunistic feeders, eating whatever meat they may find; they often kill animals three times their size, including domestic livestock
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Source: Wikipedia Read more about Snow Leopards
Snow Leopard
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BBC Nature: Wildfacts
Snow leopard Video
Snow Leopard
3.313MB  AVI  View Movie
International Snow Leopard Trust
Perfectly adapted to its harsh mountain landscape…thick fur to keep out the icy mountain winds. Stocky, powerful legs to move with stealth and grace. An incredible tail to guide extraordinary leaps…
Snow Leopard
3.051MB  AVI  View Movie
International Snow Leopard Trust
Life is tough for all residents of the high mountain eco-system where the snow leopard dwells.The hungry hunter has to move with speed and stealth, the tawny coat almost invisible against the broken rocky habitat...
Snow Leopard
4.612MB  AVI  View Movie
International Snow Leopard Trust
In one of the most unforgiving habitats in the world watching from ridgelines the snow leopard stalks the range. Awesome, yet still a cat, curious and playful…
Snow Leopard
7.181MB  AVI  View Movie
International Snow Leopard Trust
Hunting into the evening dusk, the snow leopard stalks its prey. Success overnight, and a meal at last. But, little rest for the cat. Even when the belly is full, hungry scavengers need to be chased off...
Snow Leopard
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International Snow Leopard Trust
Sure footed and fast, at home in its rugged terrain.
Snow leopard
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Nice selection of Snow leopard video clips available in various formats
Snow Leopard
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Snow Leopard yawning
Snow Leopard
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Snow Leopard standing and walking away
Snow Leopard
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Snow Leopard approaching
Snow Leopard
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Woodland Park Zoo
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